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6x6x6 – Almost Twice the Firepower

May 20, 2010

The middle class is so
tense imagining a
budget.  Failed attempts at
the intestine, their cocks
meant death rapidly.  Long
draughts of nectar breath, her

juice, driving the machine
that crushes, deeper, the
death of limbs sprouting the
enjoyment of each new
painful thrust of gender,
stretching the panties.  Legs

spread your throat and piss in
your own shit, it’s almost
twice the firepower.  They
were spraying thick sperm, she
and Brad, enough to do
things successfully based

on the spectacle of
the erotic life of
agony, despair and
absent ecstasy, the
scapegoating of death in
this catastrophe.  Two

farm boys want to vomit
in the ass instead of
accepting the market
system, the whole mess, so
proud and wholesome.  The mess
here is no different

than my cut off jeans and
assets.  Groups of females
have made me a fuck boy
in red plumage, have me
bent over desks, talking
to them while they use me.

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