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6x6x6 – The Fundamental Rights of Man Fluid

May 22, 2010

The fundamental rights
of man fluid hang on
to woman like Madame
ordered, surveying the
crystalline escarpments
spotted with juice and sweat.

Not so fast, fancy pants,
thanks for eating me out
again.  It has helped the
capitalist engine,
anticipating the
effects of horny men

elbowing a vast load
of hot thick seed into
the booty full wet lips,
sweat shops, thick, her sticky
penis, with no hair on
her so she seemed as a

mythic concept suited
to the war crimes business,
her bright green eyes, her forced
slavery ring.  Thick white
membrane that divides them
is raised and pissed on while

I insert my middle
finger and conquer the
horse’s rump, pumping the
army ants, more cute than
generalities.  You
may think that I think I

flatter the English word.
A man sat and had tea,
clipped on his ball weights to
tug and pull until he
died, his anal ring and
his hatred for nothing.

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