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6x6x6 – Doubling the Liquid in Sympathy

May 25, 2010

The second son is the
act of repetition,
what’s the mechanical
means of satisfaction,
I’ve always dreamed of huge
houses.  The moon in the

modules, facing inward,
all of us Branded
Age believers, what else
is recognizable
by the need for murder,
that we simply can’t do

it all in!  The hair, the
rim, the big game and the
little girl whistle.  Fat
monsters, I have entered
their bloodstream, black balloon
up their asses as she

falls in love with my thick
white hose, something in the
bunch of them, stretching and
churning.  It blew her mind
to suppress and exploit
third world women, what’s that

California dream of,
say I won’t notice.  Peer
production of liquid
waste, brilliant lines of teeth,
pink gashes and pink clits
stiffly erect, pink eye

shadow and tongues.  Big crowds
of tourists forever
trying to urinate,
frightened, most are just some
people, doubling the
liquid in sympathy.

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