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6x6x6 – A Who’s Who With Digestive Juices

June 1, 2010

On the far right, honey
and gyrating, money
and flyboys, a few more
mistakes, they’ll take turns, looks
like it’s going to suck
at ejection.  I think

I fucked myself with a
splash pad.  My Uncle Sam
is a lesbian on
weekends, officially
designated as the
giant fist.  Happiness

is just a detention
center, intelligence
is politics, like, a
global depression may
be exciting, but I
don’t get emotional,

just biological
and chemical.  I wish
to impersonate the
perpetrator into
a stupor, but it looks
almost like a who’s who

with digestive juices
in there.  American
animated cartoons
as a regressive rush
towards the exit from
the bourgeoisie; that and

the Muslim radicals
are horny for me to
get work, that ringtone is
utopian, not far
from having to give a
fuck about anything.

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