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6x6x6 – The Musky Taste and Texture of Late Capitalism

June 9, 2010

What would render these kids
stuck together, wholesome
American cluster
bombs are not born to an
empty classroom.  The ball
gag as before, the long

haul with a hacksaw.  Spring
in Haiti, a straight line
is represented by
Lincoln’s head encouraged
everyone to adopt

one of the Twin Towers
as their daughter, had them
put the grainy brown hard
mountain to the bulk of
the twin rubber cock.  The
musky taste and texture of

Late Capitalism,
when the first stream of the
many streams of cum gushed
from her pussy at our
description of Disney’s
Haitian aid plan.  Their crew

there were students of both
sexes and every
kinky fantasy in
your choice of nightmares.  An
excellent counterfeit

of passion, a stream of
negative energy,
the two hang down like a
hot meal.  Milking it for
years, the two are horny
for exclusivity.

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  1. Eric Elshtain permalink
    June 11, 2010 11:56 am

    “horny/for exclusivity” is about as succinct a description of American mores as I’ve ever read.


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