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6x6x6 – All Over Data’s Naked Patsy

June 17, 2010

The average human
life is to pay for its
form indefinitely.
“It is up” becomes an
unwitting accomplice
to the very concept

of being entered or
surrounded, overcome
by some slimy red meat.
The Male Crisis can’t get
over fucking those cute
little things from stores.  If

I am moving body
of data as black dots
arranged on a crowd of
people, everyone on
our cocks like model
trains, scaled bodies moving

together, sucking air
in here is serious,
more than the absence of
occupants.  I love New
Orleans and Baghdad,
victims of “Oh Fuck!” on

rooftops, alleys, edge of
a moment of doubt and
hesitation as to
reflect our problems
in play form.  Progress in
terms of growth all over

data’s naked patsy.
In conclusion, we can
choose to be killed or be
fucked in order, that box
fixed around my head is
nothing like a pussy.

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