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6x6x6 – The Real Shit Out Of The Ghetto

June 23, 2010

At work pooling their own
personal shit, it’s crude
in America, this
zombie army that was
desperate to keep up the
biggest cock in orbit,

that dick in my neighbor
doesn’t bother me.  A
stranger caught in a hot
pink thong began to feel
normal life, the only
thing I can do is watch.

Her eyes was raped, we want
some good reason: clones or
depression, state death by
suicide, so many
dead, they grew fat cock hard
and brittle stalks of the

world today.  I love the
grass we don’t have access
to.  Friends must be toxic
and fatal, fuck em if
they aren’t.  She spit in
imitation of his

hot cock inside her hot
liquids flowing as I
felt myself falling in.
I will die away at
work in the real shit out
of the ghetto, yeah.  It

squirted out randomly
from all the pleasure of
so many friends at work,
they’re watching tv ads
featuring line workers
in evacuations.

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