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6x6x6 – Difference, Discharge and Multiple Real Shit

July 4, 2010

A funeral, what a
fucking story, there’s a
body, I swallowed all
of my bowels while in
prison.  Body armor
is why we could forget

everything that happens,
the dreamy movements of
difference, discharge and
multiple real shit, like
the biggest known cluster
of irritating slime

from their digestive tract.
We keep a hot hole, so
why worry?  This is a
fetus just watching each
squirt with greedy eyes, its
confusion is caused by

the large intestine.  He
worked backward and forward
to remember; it was
a kind of magic trick,
the odor of his club
deep into his spine to

dispose of erotic
terror.  The lips of a
prisoner, scaring the
wealthy so handsomely,
incest, breast sucking, and
a huge wad into a

hammer.  You want to be
horny, but the world seems
so thoroughly fucked, this
is a dead fish in a
pool of piss that would fuck
the inevitable.

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