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Abiding, as in One Understands

July 19, 2010

The worst in people, not a pure beyond the surface of the dead within herself. Her hands along the edges recognized the loss required application.

Here in all directions episodic we ignore the flowers of these monstrous acts, the best survival ethic might become a cluster of connections to produce a new career.

In their excitement to survive in some objective sense, in each location is unlike the present need.

A body or machine anticipates the lowest. It assumes the guilt.

In this objective body we believe in still unsatisfied the habit of pretense.

Source Texts:
Woods Hutchinson, The Child’s Day
Various Authors (Ed. EScovel), His $ Hers Sources
William Blum, Killing Hope
Many Authors, AAAARG!
Lawrence Lessig, Free Culture
Friedrich Nietzsche (Trans. Helen Zimmern), Beyond Good and Evil

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