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6x6x6 – Sucking Off Topic

July 24, 2010

BBC reports that
the ruling elite is
removed.  You may now fuck
the shit out of the five
senses, or get ready
to occupy the same

time slowly, forcing the
most massive transfer of
wealth in history.  Tax
laws, the depraved pleasure
of sucking off topic.
The best investments are

still an effective way
to recreate a closed
curve, privatization,
and the notion of time
as independent, to
keep it, since the body

is struggling, liquid
is emanating from
both ends.  She is big in
my cheeks and neck and I
want, princess twisting and
thrashing on the cock of

things.  The first thought is the
essential roadblock to
achieving the road to
Zen Pool Deck, or in terms
of mapping, an object
is hypocrisy.  Men

will fuck in a lower
density than normal
shit.  A woman who is
directionless, aiming
her pussy; I have no
practical resistance.

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