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Prince of War

July 29, 2010


we shall be acceptable
to assassinate an important factor
to defeat a country according as great desire


the enemy of god
is the first division
and in his whole force be reasoned
    the enemy’s way in the state
    and especially when murdering
    would naturally come to your actions
the enemy cannot be considered honest


within the ruin
the difficulties in this vivid simile
in battle
the numerical weakness postulates courage


the city without the hands of the soldiers is extinguished
the cities without his glory and gloriously so alarmed


military maxims should die for doing


– June 27-28, supervised generation from bigram word models. Source texts: Machiavelli’s The Prince and Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Generator: ePoGeeS.

um… HI! I don’t know if the poem above is any good. But I feel like I spent too much time exploring tools recently, and I oughta be just writing poetry. you know. If Substance McGravitas is the Eddie Van Halen of JanusNode then I wanna be the Michael Hampton of ePoGeeS:

lol later. -e.

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