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Causing, as in Perfection

July 30, 2010

Supposing circumstances, what exists in all descriptions, and desires, and the life in which a series of the life remains a means, revolves in any way dependent, not a body count, forbids supposing such a psychic object, are regarded as perfect.

The limits of a given target, they remain the same (?)

The basic driver of events, the facts in Paradise the economics of presumption.

Amongst the evil people go ahead.

What concerns a binding or a new balloon, this charm in life, the bomb in what appears, the object that in its suspicion and remorse, producers and consumers of the future, understands.

Source Texts:
William Blum, Killing Hope
Swami Abhedananda, Reincarnation
Many Authors, AAAARG!
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience
Friedrich Nietzsche (Trans. Helen Zimmern), Beyond Good and Evil

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  1. eddeaddad permalink*
    July 31, 2010 4:15 am

    I’m feeling this. It’s almost completely rational, but unreachable. A profound truth just slightly beyond reason.

  2. eddeaddad permalink*
    July 31, 2010 4:41 am

    what is this, by the way? it doesn’t look like straight gnoetry output.

  3. eRoGK7 permalink*
    August 1, 2010 11:07 am

    “Rational, but unreachable” is pretty much what I was going for here. The influence of Leslie Scalapino is definitely strong in this project. I’m glad you like it.

    I’m using the blank verse mode in Gnoetry, writing between 12 and 18 or so lines, and then simply breaking the end result down into five or so “sentences” of various length. I think it works better in prose lines than in lines of pentameter.

    Ultimately, I plan to take all of the individual sentences out of each of these poems and form a single long poem in sections of varying length. We’ll see how that works out.

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