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deepest gorges deep

July 31, 2010

margaret soon prepare beforehand for pleasure of modern culture
the lovely be quite quite sure
the magic notes like petticoat champagne

mephistopheles approaching
at the beauty bewildering thus
deepest gorges deep in her fingers

and kneeling upon his dusky all her the holy keeping
and pleasure now that which was not come
margaret margaret flinging herself you have your throbbing
neologistic a strapping body
tis with glass and towers and what helps one’s lifetime and bled no brother
the mist her own pain forego thee with wonderful secrets
and doom is to trample him timidly

thou hast claimed this ecstasy there
deep in the instrument where the gentle movement of the wonderful and
margaret soon will be

over me anywhere but other well
wildly passionately devotedly hopelessly hopelessly hopelessly hopelessly hopelessly hopelessly
the graves tremble not six

and god was hardly read an infinite spirit


July 31, Aug 5, supervised generation from bigrams, texts: Faust by Goethe, The Importance of Being Earnest by Wilde. Generator: ePoGeeS

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