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6x6x6 – Still Warm in the Fascist Glow

August 1, 2010

My crude English is a
long red dick of rock hard
currency.  It all boils
down to giving people
a lot of ass and hope,
and allowing others

to fuck the toilets and
the police, frantic for
the clone boys standing wet
in pale pink panties.  It
looks like everyone is
still warm in the Fascist

glow of decent white guilt
and the plot of Congress
to pour gasoline on
the dog and then my dear
brothers and sisters, and
everybody who has

helped the ultra left-wing
Communist leaders to
administer a new
digital world within
my own ass, the cargo
section, more creative

uses of data as
a cultural style, form
of: a psychopathic
dwarf!  My life in stark white
belly and hair, white pants
being opened by crowds

of Americans and
dead bodies in love with
the local government
officials.  You were right,
thank you, this is my own
head stuffed in excrement.

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  1. eddeaddad permalink*
    August 5, 2010 3:25 am

    killer. the first time I read from the 6x6x6 series I was like: “Wha….???” but now I’m starting to get it: the profanity highlights with the contemporary buzzwords to create an effect, which is often undescribeable but usually awesome.

    “a new / digital world within / my own ass” LOL

    I like the ending too.

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