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so small the man

August 5, 2010

with you with the pocket at the door sir you

to you gentlemen of repellent aspect remotely connected with blood
hear me once
with the abysses there behind the rabble
the rich in science this favor
the gods uniting this is plain and all places mysterious
and boasted high ambition from life and their properties
mankind’s collected woe
man stands a rapid maddening dances so small the man
so small the churches solemn and wax stoppers and irreligious
the painted panes take the world to words to overlook my pathos
such is in the only words and from the world the whirlpool forces
for in his trust in creation
take delight twill shortly recommence

mysteriously pronounces the wretched creature


July 31, August 5, supervised generation from bigrams, text: The Importance of Being Faust (Faust by Goethe, The Importance of Being Earnest by Wilde). Generator: ePoGeeS

I’m bummed, man. today I snuck into a workshop during a break and talked to a Very Influential Researcher (VIR) who’d previously expressed an interest in poetry computer tools (in email! I have evidence!), only to have said VIR disavow such a sentiment and flee while I was in mid-sentence… the worst thing is I usually don’t tell folks I do computer poetry, so I feel stupid for telling this person who doesn’t give a shit… SIGH… I have a tremendous love-hate relationship with research: I love the research but I hate the researchers… OK, I’m gonna hafta go eat a pint of frozen yoghurt and watch the “Eat Pray Love” preview or something (UPDATE: Jesus it looks terrible). ok later.

update: oh yeah I forgot to say, the thing with this one was I put this framing device which was supposed to be easy to interpret, and filled it with some text that was more open to interpretation (but which maintained coherence by containing related words and sounds which I got by pumping up the “alliteration/assonance” scores but nothing else.)

update: what does the n-gram methodology add? I think part of it is disfluencies like “with you with the pocket”, which make it sound more conversational (i.e. like a transcript, the things people actually say rather than the ‘cleaned up’ version of most poetry and fiction.) also “mysteriously pronounces…”, which is cheesy, but the algorithm produced it and it’s coherent so I kept it.

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