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we were hypocrites and unmolested

August 11, 2010

suppose though that were excessively
elegant blasphemy
the mighty monolith
the opportunity

of repose the streets they the coffee
and gains we were hypocrites and unmolested
much every individual in jerusalem

the rugged mountain
the crucifixion
winds when the scene of odorous flowers

the streets in the city of
the stone staircases tesselated many-colored
so suspicious and becomes

the phraseology of the
chancellors of constantinople
the crucified
during the worst
punishment in the party of the holy places
we were ready then

aug 11, method 770ac8b0-5626-426c-bb79-1adf9ad13324 (human accomodating increasing levels of machine randomness), text; mYstErY tExT!!! provided by eRoGK7, generator: epogees

man, this was fun. I dig method 770ac8b0-5626-426c-bb79-1adf9ad13324. for the first half of the method, I’m just picking out what Hartman calls “flashes… of ordinary or extraordinary lucidity.” pretty easy going, it just took 3 iterations of 14 lines, from which I picked the best phrases. If I did a couple more iterations, the more coherent aspects of the poem would come through. anyway for the second half of the method (stanzas 2 and 4) it’s like Wheel of Fortune: I just hope nothing TOO crazy (or worse, boring) will come up that I can’t handle by removing 1 of the lines.

I think I got the level of coherence just right. I myself am not really sure what poem’s about, but I get the sense it’s about something kinda interesting. Sort of like hearing a description of something you’ve never seen, in words you’ve never heard before. Sort of like hearing really great gossip about people you don’t know, lol. Sort of like eRoGK7’s “Causing, as in Perfection“.

what is the value of this incoherence? I dunno. If I understood Gödel’s incompleteness theorems better I might say that incoherent thought allowed truths not reachable by deductive reasoning, but the class I took in that, I had to drop cause I was getting a B. :( (UPDATE: irrationality is good cause when you’re sure that there is no value to your life, then to feel hopeful you must be irrational.) well anyway, the goal is to be coherent enough that readers can construct meanings in them. I mean, I get it: you want it to be like a tarot card reading, where the subject thinks the cards are JUST ABOUT THEM. Maybe I need to run experiments where I ask people to rate on a scale how coherent they think a given poem is, lol. (I need to stop saying lol too, ffs.)

doing anonymous text was cool too. funny – there was a point at which I figured out the register and mood of the text I was working with. I wanna do a couple more poems before I figure out what it is tho! geez I’m spending too much time with this, I gotta get a life, heh.

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