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This Dark and the Enjoyment of That

August 13, 2010

Thanks for the mystery text, Edde. Here’s what I came up with for a first try.

Fri Aug 13 01:38:27 2010

My feelings show I want to
let my feelings show I
want your body, or
to have a part

in all its desires, in
order to attain to
the senses and the
suspension of

labour and a thousand times
and exactly in all
places, finding in
itself two parts,

which is of three causes.  There
is no comparison
between this dark and
the enjoyment

of that, being purged, the love
purges the evening rain,
how will I put it
as a poet?

Deep is secret, the breeze blew
from the breasts of my sense
of excellence, why
you are right in

anything whatsoever.
And set out of sweetness
and the sensual
nature, as love

continually gives it.
And I will be a part
in all sweetness to
remain for thee.

Eddeaddad Editor, Anonymous Text

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