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what were interfering

August 25, 2010


unaccountable conduct this country here the young spring
place was astonished them they exhibit
was then the costumes this the event which was
there the sands at the sultry upper third


the sides ached comfortably as her large the sea were little information
temple that trouble a hoary antiquity that his heavy
things why once knew he said he the celebrated
coliseum was another had already been her best


the military music too much to the man to
know the donkeys and the dirt and having her
begun this country here the well what were interfering
the business the government work profitable to one kingdom


managing the walls were a jerusalem the curse his hand
any woman could no crown now we speculated
dying sunlight that these imaginary enemies
dead their mother was the world

Aug 24-25, Method 39d81f57-20ae-47b3-8ed6-fe297f46ba48 (trance vision / human pruning stanzas, trimming and arranging); text: mYstErY tExT!!! provided by eRoGK7, generator: ePoGeeS.

okay I’m feeling the Oulipo-esque love, man; I present:

Method 39d81f57-20ae-47b3-8ed6-fe297f46ba48 (trance vision / human pruning 
                                             stanzas, trimming and arranging)

do this 4 times:
   generate s={3...20} stanzas of v={3..5} lines each
   for each stanza,
       you may rearrange lines within that stanza
       for each line,
           you may remove the first and/or the last word
   pick the best stanza

select one stanza to be titled "1. Intro",
      another to be titled "2. Approach",
      another to be titled "3. Apotheosis", and
      another to be titled "4. Conclusion", and put them in that order.

pick a phrase from any of the stanzas as a title.

okay the point is to spread the incoherence around more.  Unlike stinky old method 770ac8b0-5626-426c-bb79-1adf9ad13324 (human accomodating increasing levels of machine randomness), which had clumps of human-constructed semi-coherence around clumps of machine-generated less-coherence, the goal is to produce several chunks of machine-incoherence, then trim away a couple problem words, then arrange them nicely.

so I’m aiming for the sense of, like, visiting a shaman, crackhead, or schizophasiac and being told something deeply worthwhile but unfortunately unintelligible. I don’t think I quite accomplished it, maybe method 770ac8b0-5626-426c-bb79-1adf9ad13324 (human accomodating increasing levels of machine randomness) isn’t so bad after all lol er, ffs. (instead of cussin, I should think about: what are the degrees of freedom given to the human user? what are the degrees of freedom used by the program? what actions are they, and how do they affect the final product, both formally and subjectively?) I think the problem with this method is that there isn’t enough discourse-level planning; I was hoping that the stanza arrangement and selection, along with ramping up the alliteration/assonance evaluation would be enough. but I don’t think it is, at least in this sketch. I would call this a failed experiment except it never even had a testable hypothesis lol so I guess it’s just an ugly sketch.

I’m starting to realize the multiple levels of creativity in this:

  • programming
  • developing oulipo-esque authoring algorithms
  • writing poems

which blend into one another. at some point programming becomes algorithm specification, which at some point becomes the act of using the various computer poetry tools in numerous possible ways.

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