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Approaches to Poetry Generation

September 1, 2010

the poem at the page break
produce good poems
practice and research practice


sept 1, supervised generation from bigram model; text: the rest of this post. generator: ePoGeeS.

on the bus today it occurred to me that there are 4 basic ways of doing poetry generation work:

1. Aesthetic Practice
– Focus/Purpose/End Result: to produce “good” poems using poetry generation techniques in whole or part
– Audience: readers of poetry
– Example: E. Elshtain

2. Procedural Practice
– Focus/Purpose/End Result: to develop new techniques for generating poetry
– Audience: other computer poets; specifically, people doing Aesthetic Practice
– Example: OULIPO

3. Resource Development Practice
– Focus/Purpose/End Result: to build computational tools for generating poetry
– Audience: other poets and/or “civilians”
– Examples: Daniel Howe (developer of RiTa), Chris Westbury (developer of JanusNode)

4. Research Practice
– Focus/Purpose/End Result: to develop ideas about poetry, language, and computers
– Audience: other researchers
– Example: Pablo Gervás

we do not have to be exclusive, of course. for example, I’d say Charles Hartman does Aesthetic Practice, Resource Development Practice, and maybe a bit of Research Practice. personally, I’d like to focus on Aesthetic Practice and Research Practice, though Procedural Practice and Resource Development Practice are necessary too.

anyway, for the poem at the beginning of this post, I just took everything after the page break, ran it through epogees, and produced something with haiku-like brevity. I’m writing this before generating the pseudohaiku, natch, so I don’t know if it will act as a summary, foreshadowing, or what lol.

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