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6x6x6 – Sucking to Make a Difference

September 4, 2010

I’ve always wanted to
make us happier, so
that was hopeful, while the
elephant dick kept on
fucking my meat home.  The
character of war as

natural art, leaky
bodies and underwear,
Americana, to
bathe in formation on
the carcasses.  The same
stirring anxiety

and determinism,
finally, private and
stark naked, lying is
to never stop licking
and sucking to make a

difference.  Drag queens for
the trip, a death squad, feel
their black silks, sobbing and
poised, feel them!  We have a
coherent narrative
that tells us that we are

seated in enormous
clouds of happiness, my
ass, don’t kick my ass whore
mouth!  The irony drips
from underneath, brown eyes
are localized, written

in Italy, illness
is appropriate.  Vote
to chicken out of the
zombie fascist present
melting holes in my house,
smells like teen spirit week.

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