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LA Mix: to live and die money

September 5, 2010

making money and die

die in the wretched
making money and find them
getting high watching time

getting high watching the streetlights
thinking cali like the pavement
but recognize and die

thinking cali like the cash so
depression and die
and left the double blast

handed back of the stash
delusion of drama
daylight the delusion


sept 5, supervised generation from bigrams, source texts: 2Pac “To Live and Die in LA”; LA Times article “Homes for the hardest of the hard-core homeless”, generator; epogees

What Would Flash Do?

Flash would probably mix poems. Flash would probably take a poem, play it a bit, then mix in another poem, fade out the first poem and mix the second one a bit, then mix in a third poem, and so on. Maybe a little something like this:

Text 1
Text 2
1 A B
2 C B
3 C D
4 E D
5 E F
6 G F

so poem 1 would be made with a language model made up of source texts A and B, poem 2 would be made with a language model made up of source texts B and C, and so on. Let’s call that Method cde55835-25c6-4bf9-bdd4-9d6554044d08 (sequential poetry mixing, fluid).

anyways, for a while now I’ve wanted to write a poem about Los Angeles, I dunno why since I rarely venture out of a 2-mile-radius area in the Westside lol. anyways in LA there’s always at least 5 things going on in your immediate vicinity, so n-gram generation sounded like the way to go, and I though this inchoate-mix-method would be a good place to start.

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