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see your fault all listen listen

September 6, 2010

m: you never once did you never once did

o: I’ve been nice woman panting and a dishonest and whines unintelligible

m: who cares we were hitting a fucking used me first

o: what you fucking rose garden you fucking using

m: well but nobody gets tickets in a bitch

o: nothing but nobody gets tickets in tight pants garbled

m: making fake boobs you just fucking money you

o: screaming shut the videos and proving otherwise let you spend

m: you didn’t do you and waited and my mouth why

o: you because of me nothing you anymore unintelligible

m: fine but I’ll know you get the fucking using

o: I’m her she’s fired do you needed the police in the first

m: growling you I can’t get it you agreed

o: not the fucking stupid see your fault all fucking

m: no fucking listen listen


sept. 3-5, supervised generation from bigrams, source text: phone transcripts, generator: epogees.

now that chadahardy is gainfully employed I can post this rather profane poem, which reflects an argument by two people. (of course, chadahardy does not approve of this kind of language. “it’s bad for you,” he said to me on his daily two-minute break, “it’s bad for the company, and it’s bad for America.” then he headed back to work. such a conscientious guy! by the way, can you hook me up with a couple dollars bro?) in this case the argument is between a famous movie actor/director and his baby-mama who taped him. I dunno why, but I been listening to the recordings over and over, maybe cause my old lady treats me like shit ffs lol.

But anyways, I wish I was one of those self-promoting poets. I’d write computer-generated poems about topical issues designed to attract attention. such as entertainment-industry controversies like this, and political gaffes, you know. Then I’d build up a readership and… uh… profit? Good thing I got other things I find more interesting lol gga.

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