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September 8, 2010

preoccupied with broken hearts
so now I know you
when it wasn’t always a tangle
it was trouble

I can’t breathe cause now I’m a tangle
alarmed I open up loud
tryin to call my heart

it use to hear you tryin to conceive and leavin
it use to mess with happiness and run relationship
now I wanna take your pillow and run relationship

I wanna stay I wanna take your attitude
I wanna take your jealous questions

the end I knew it
was trouble

sept. 7, Method c5f4389b-92e9-432e-b3d2-aad73986b360 (arranging and pruning) with bigram model, text: 2Pac, “Do for love” lyrics. generator: epogees.

hold on, Pac’s from the bay area not LA lol anyway I’ve been listening to this song repeatedly over the last couple days. you know what really sucks about doing poetry generation from existing texts? what sucks is: you have the texts there right in front of you, and you know dig it but you’ll never do anything that good. sux!

Method c5f4389b-92e9-432e-b3d2-aad73986b360  (arranging and pruning)

1. generate 14 lines

2. select lines with any interesting phrases in them.  arrange them in any way

3. you may split a line, but you must keep the pair of new lines together 

4. you may remove words from the beginning or end of the lines

5. you may generate up to n new words at the beginning or end of each line

the way it turned out here is simiilar to the point that I was trying to make with the post about the Nina Simone song was that n-gram generations from a single text can produce readings that play off or contradict the original lyrics; in this case the sentiment seems to be different from the original lyrics. I should probably figure out some way to quantify that. like, for each n-gram keep “key word in context”-like phrases tracking the n-gram to each particular usage in a data source, and then comparing them to the original usage, and categorizing (maybe automatically) how they differ from the original.

(funny, I just notice that the word “tangle” was mis-transcribed from “tangled”. THIS INVALIDATES THE ENTIRE POEM lol)

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