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other tools: 2 short poems with Titular

September 11, 2010

another chaos
well of theory
in the rot of tools

original and naked alright
resist like a sodomy
skull out my year

5 Aug, supervised generation from part-of-speech templates, generator: Titular.

It just goes to show how interdisciplinary poetry generation is. This particular tool, Titular, is actually part of a songwriter’s toolkit called The Muse which was developed as part of a “February Album Writing Month” effort in which songwriters try to write 14 songs in 1 month. songwriters! like poets, but cooler! you know, rock and roll! groupies, drugs, choking to death on your own vomit in the back of the tour bus! man, that’s the life I wish I could live… anyways, I came across this a month ago and forgot all about it til now. Titular is supposed to help you out with song titles; there’s also a tool called LyriCloud to help you out with lyrics, and one to help you with song structure and another for plot constraints, all worth checking out.

so the dude who developed it is apparently some kinda postdoc at CMU who wrote a paper about it. In the overview section he says:

…tools that assist humans in creative endeavors should:
1. Suggest instances unlike the majority that exist. If one were to model instances statistically, system proposals should be “outliers.”
2. Suggest instances that are meaningful. Purely random proposals might be outliers, but they are not likely to be interesting or useful.

which doesn’t completely gel with my experience, but it’s a good start.

Also, in the background section he talks about a tool called Verbasizer:

A few computational lyric-writing tools have been developed outside of academia, such as Verbasizer, which was famously co-created by rock star David Bowie to help him brainstorm ideas

quick, someone get Bowie a copy of Gnoetry! so we can join in the action lol

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