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3 unsupervised stanzas, part 2

September 17, 2010


O! Tis better in thee, desire to those boughs
which doth view in worth, by oft vows
are our time that myself bring forth the rarities
and your desire to fair; forgoing simple.


Truth, but then give warning to the defendant.
Doth feast, fill it the least; but thou.
With eager compounds we are still with.
Dust and delves the bloody spur cannot be the statute.


or state itself confounded to store thou
muse what eyes thy eternal summer and that do vow
but the strength of thine eyes of welfare
found a living flowers and simple truth to the


sept. 17, unsupervised bigram generation, source text: Shakespeare’s sonnets, generator: ePoGeeS.

Time for some resource development practice! This is also a follow-up to my earlier post on unsupervised generation in which I generate a poem and pick the first thing that comes out without further editing or selection.

Recently I added a couple optional things: a rhyme scheme selector, punctuation-use, and enjambment.

Stanza 1 was generated with enjambment, punctuation, and (some) rhyme.

Stanza 2 has no enjambment, has punctuation, and has some rhyme.

Stanza 3 has no enjambment or punctuation, has some rhyme.

There’s an Eliza-like effect when these are added: they don’t really add much intelligence; they’re just tricks and hacks, but they make the output look a bit more intentional.

A couple minor issues (it doesn’t force the rhyme, word-level generation adds punctuation tags instead of punctuation) but seems OK for the moment.

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