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Gnoetry Out Loud at Whale Sound (one sonnet from a light heart, its black thoughts)

September 28, 2010

Many thanks to Nic Sebastian at Whale Sound for this powerful reading of “I was just as the men in her, the” from a light heart, its black thoughts, my chapbook collaboration with Gnoetry. It is not an easy poem to read, so I commend her for choosing it. As it was written with Heart of Darkness as its source text and post-colonial critiques of power in mind, I hope it will be understood within this context and the context of the other poems in the series. You can read the chapbook and my introductory comments on the text via my page at Beard of Bees Press.

Whale Sound is an audio archiving project that posts readings by Nic Sebastian of contemporary poems that in some way have affected her. I not only find it to be based upon a sound concept (see the About page), but it functions also as a sort of personal audio literary journal. It’s a very exciting project, and obviously one that was simply not possible before web 2.0.

:: Listen To “I Was Just As The Men In Her” at Whale Sound ::

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  1. Nic Sebastian permalink
    September 29, 2010 10:44 am

    Thanks for letting me read your poem on ‘Whale Sound’, Eric – it *was* disturbing, but in the best possible way, poetry-wise. Not completely sure what I really thought about Gnoetry before, but it seems to me now, after connecting with your work, that it is no more and no less than one more technological tool available to a poet, and that the poet’s stamp on the process remains inimitable, and irreplaceable.

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