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you treat me you

September 28, 2010

and realized that and
remember her body lying in love

I went into that
did that
do is causing all control yourself
she started
ranting listen
are ruining my house
don’t understand me on doubt

you forget twisted body lying down
you need time they belong to you
you just telling you blaming you
and maybe you
clear out like I’m telling you
think so come
listen listen to say you treat
my insanity because you understand
patience has nothing
and the time to wait
you treat me you

thinking you’re gonna be
destroyed my being
you have anything
do anything because I tried everything about
do not destroy it
do not destroy it


Sept. 27, Method c5f4389b-92e9-432e-b3d2-aad73986b360 (arranging and pruning) (plus repetition) from bigrams, text: Gibson phone transcripts, Suicidal Tendencies first album lyrics, generator: ePoGees.

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