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6x6x6 – Nothing Like a Lot of Marijuana

October 2, 2010

Things get hard in these new
school uniforms.  Ruthless
animals in the cool
mountain air shudder with
biscuits and excrement
and equipment.  Guth was

employed by France to form
a fat croissant for fresh
female cum, save some from
alliteration and
shove that white art.  A Jar
Jar is nothing like a

lot of marijuana.
Luckily, a horse is
a chain pulls their cocks up
to the front to serve drinks
and snacks.  Looking back at

commodities, candy,
a lock, rocks and flop jocks.
I have seen animals
supremely in love,
I am not armed, no more
need to be docile, let’s

create a relic of
Clinton fingering her
genitals, lifting his
fork carefully he gropes
for weapons of sperm and
egg to eliminate

the bird flu.  The world it
seems wrong.  The trouble is
all used up.  We need to
be highly resistant
to nature, we have to
be utterly unskilled.

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