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Imaginary Machines: eShuttering

October 8, 2010

If I had endless time I’d do something like this:

See, unlike eGnoetry you’d choose the next words from the language model. Every time you changed a word (like “cat” in this example), the options under the words next to the changed word (i.e. the options under “this” and “may” in the example above) would have to be changed as well, but that’s trivial.

A variant on this would be: rather than choosing the appropriate word from an n-gram model, choose it from the set of all similar part-of-speech tokens in the corpus. So: when you looked under the word “cat” above, you’d see all the nouns that were identified in the corpus.

The more I think about it, I’d have to use the JSpinner control instead, which makes it easier to work with longer lists of words. (I think you could even type in arbitrary words then.) Heh, maybe I’d call it eSpinnering then.

I think it’d probably have to be done in Java rather than Processing, since the drop-down GUI didn’t work too well in g4p.

Anyway, this falls into the class of “Imaginary Machines”, which I might implement someday but don’t count on it, heh, I’d give it about a 3 in 10 chance of suddenly becoming interesting enough. I guess interface-designing is an Oulipo-like procedural practice, as opposed to, you know, the Resource Development practice of actually implementing it. I guess this is method 3654a4a7-46ae-440c-953b-332f48d36495 (eShuttering/eSpinnering).

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