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6x6x6 – Why People Like Caddyshack

October 16, 2010

Expect nothing further
has been more meaningful
than this convergence of
nihilism and the
death star, albeit a
necessary evil,

it’s racist, face up on
rails through blackened space, they’ve
highlighted the flashing
red/white clouds, a nice curve
to that pink ass sticking
out wildly.  I don’t want

to be killed, just like that
feeling of imminent
collapse is a mass act
of sucking on it for
money, wavy red silk
lining embossed with a

muscular disorder.
Children of freedom, rub
the wild side of things that
flickers through the thin, stretched
flesh of your asses in
college.  It is faint, a

soldier through the glowing
screens of a hall, lonely
lives in Vietnam or
Bangladesh, or in New
York, contemporary
prefab.  Troops are killed, and

hundreds of thousands of
innocent people, and
how many deaths are linked
to wealth distribution?
Now I understand why
people like Caddyshack.

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  1. eddeaddad permalink*
    October 18, 2010 5:36 am

    Listen to the man. He knows what’s going on.

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