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The Preoccupations of Habitual Excessively Fond (remix)

October 18, 2010

She had human tendencies, and
wished, to all the last words,
his presence of anything.

There is nothing, to the preoccupations of habitual,
excessively fond of the few who herself,
but this beyond a distance. And as

turning with more than a meditative turn,
that had been sweeter, by warbling at her eyes. A sudden,
he felt her head (including face) of listening.

Who, his feeling as he had,
a horse has the fellow, of various,
and he… he has perhaps in a prospect of

womanhood, the world publish his pain. She had early, the burning,
being something else, be it came wet… wet… wet…
But I dare love that, the beginning.

August 8-9, October 18,20 2010; method 770ac8b0-5626-426c-bb79-1adf9ad13324 (human accomodating increasing levels of machine randomness) on bigram word models, Text: middle sutra manifesto (Middlemarch by George Eliot, the Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana, the Manifesto of the Communist Party by Marx and Engels), generator: ePoGeeS

Loop: Amy MacDonald – Mr Rock and Roll, Smiths – Cemetery Gates. Made with Audacity and Cepstral

I took the original and added punctuation to make the TTS sound better. (Updated with SSML!)

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