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to her mind, truly adore

November 2, 2010

her do, u.
you’re helpless. ever known her to.
lose in you, who took a wonderful perceptive few.

girl, who is overcome, her to u got.
u good to particular person, beloved caught.

the women grow stronger, than to her to.
sugar, do u, to the other should continue, conversing in view.

her do, u, is superior to them.
u were people everywhere. loosen her, to femme.
her to u, could never. never. never.
around u are peculiar, to you, and whoever.

beautiful. who may be used, to his particular.
do whatever u wanna do.
do another.

have the same work, your perfume, and preserves life, u.
u lie.
do the world, to her a new into.

look the sugar do.
to her mind, truly adore.
u 2 school, and either order, to understand, ignore.

superior to others, to her lover’s arrival, so?
understand u, that were each other person, the row.

whether either, to her.
to their desires. to do.
do u, when u, will u, to few.

and if the virtuous woman produce the other,
do her anger. liberal one, who do, do another.

November 2, bigram generation with phonemic evaluation, using method 6d025542-c970-480c-867c-08be67e38419 (arranging and pruning, adding punctuation to improve TTS). Text set: the Kama Sutra of Prince (Prince lyrics, the Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana). Generator: ePoGeeS.

Sample: George Clinton, Erotic City. Made with Audacity and Cepstral.

I dunno eRoGK7, I think personally sometimes I gotta get past the mediocre stuff to get to the good stuff?

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