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November 24, 2010

Her lips curling, shouting at her child! There
was pain about it.
Silence was essentially different. Shoot me like
THAT. Unthinkable to mind itself.

What a philologist,
his age of work nibbling at the matter.

And once that he knew there was a bold-looking
girl in disgrace, agonizing pain flowed!
He told you this stream.

voice died down to break
back for the merciless path, known to break.
Stand back with no
wonder, said the infant to itself. Unthinkable to
attract a screaming animal.

And then swelled with expressionless
six doubleplus ridiculous fashion: then I thanked
the dead leaves of mental
forgiveness. Sometimes it kisses
them by automatic action. Punishment
was merely a child’s death.


Nov 24, 2010; supervised generation from word bigram models; corpus: Alice in IngsocLand (Orwell 1984, Carroll Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass); generator: eGnoetry.

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