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Three gertbot Lesson Plans

November 30, 2010

I’ve been working on a new project off and on for the last two months or so. The working title is Identity: A Stein Wreader. I have purchased a chatbot through Jabberwacky (see Cleverbot for a great example) which I have named gertbot, and I am instructing it with “lesson plans” that come from a combination of lines from Gertrude Stein’s writing, lines composed in Gnoetry with Stein’s work as source text, and my own Stein-influenced dialogues. The lesson plans are composed as dialogues between two speakers, as the end result will be a chatbot that “speaks” in a syntax and diction similar to a variety of Stein’s writings.

Issues of representation and identity are central to the project. Interacting with gertbot will obviously be nothing like “speaking” to Gertrude Stein, but it may be a way for people to experience Stein’s use of language in an unusually engaging way. That is my hope for the project.

Below are three of the first lesson plans I wrote on October 1st. The first and third are stylized in a verse form similar to the Stanzas in Meditation. The second is prose, more similar in style to Tender Buttons or “Business in Baltimore” (one of my favorite Stein poems).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Way lay to be a wall with blame,

Everything is there no more, more imitation

More is coach with commas.

Colored rid of a stone and lifting

A whole little white with a see spoon

It does not mean authority

This was, was it a lining

It is not a cuddle or untidy.

It is the sooner there is tin,

There is in silver

There is in their living there

Loving repeating being as a wife has a cow,

Religion a little white diamonds bright.

In the moon and feeling in everything alike



Callous is something that is sweetness and a foolish thing and a cousin, a green point not aching, a door way is not a collar. There are bones and there would be a disillusioned one who ever was there.

Why is it when it is that desire. They were after that they were planning that thing wanting to be done. This makes an eye, makes a scene and supposing the lighting. They have means a regular arrangement, the same sooner and more as it is past and again.

A pressure is hard to be pleasing. How do you do.

What is each one, one two two who could did we, who did he did he did not and how now all this means a little description of more.


Come to be without now

Eat it little by listening

Then pierce pierce it standing

No one is more likely.

As violence is authority

And a little lunch is something

So they do delight that it shows that

It is a simple thing

There is in no distress

Now there is no use in expression.

Now I am really then despairing

Very well then despairing.

Please shade it a kindness

To have corners to shine

To be no with the pin in ripening

2 Comments leave one →
  1. eddeaddad permalink*
    December 4, 2010 6:04 am

    Fascinating technique. Can’t wait to read more.

  2. December 4, 2010 10:41 am

    That’s an excellent idea. I’d completely forgotten about those things.

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