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6x6x6 – Hierarchies Are and That’s What You See

January 7, 2011

Constructed, the pain of
being fucked in the sense
of absolute truth.  The
screaming love within me,
I want to, the middle
of the planet as a

fuck so.  They structure the
debt.  I’m talking about
all of the world must be
paid for, every claim.  Just
as free to say: Fuck Off!
A small voice with a real

sense of all things being
forced up its ass,  they are
now looking outward, and
this makes them lovable,
seizing their buttocks like

a tidal rush in the
spheres of pleasure!  Think of
them fucked, let’s fuck box, load
them into words, that is
so fifties, who had to
fuck somebody, you!  A

fleshy column and the
truth possibilities
of arousal, you saw
a negro looking at
it.  Hierarchies are and
that’s what you see.  We will

all get the fat cock but
shaped more like two tango
dancers, autonomous,
horizontal, zig-zag
drilling technique I come
over.  To feel better.

One Comment leave one →
  1. eddeaddad permalink*
    January 7, 2011 11:18 pm

    keepin it real!

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