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7rue and upc0ming 0pp0r7uni7ies

January 18, 2011

S0me simple une:m.07[her]i0nal ch:a.nn[0y]els
0f well-7ried[:7.r0[uble]y]ign :s.h0[7gun]uld :w.i[n]sh we indi:c.a[r]7e
7he :m.a[d]7he:m.a[d]7i:c.a[r]l me7h0d all0ws.

B07h 7ypes
0f :p.r0[fi7]babili7y[ry]uage, all0:c.a[r]ble, 0riginal :p.r0[fi7]ces:s.e[x]s 0f
phil0s0phy — which an undue :b.ur[n]den :w.i[n]ll n07 a77emp7.
In:d.iv[0rce]iduals :w.i[n]7h merely ar7ificially signalling
7he:s.e[x] 7rue and upc0ming 0pp0r7uni7ies.

Al7erna7ively she[cer] have[s]n f:0.rg[asm]07:7.en[:s.e[x]]. Where appli:c.a[r]ble elemen7ary :p.r0[fi7]p0si7i0ns
0f hu:m.a[d]n :i.n7e[rc0ur:s.e[x]]llec7.


Jan 18 2011, supervised bigram generation (source texts: NSF GPG, Turing “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”, Wittgenstein Tractatus) using eGnoetry, leet charfont and codework insertion mappings using JanusNode.

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