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6x6x6 – It’s Still a Theater, Baby

January 21, 2011

The air is a dirty
restroom in my vomit,
gasping with Annie who’s
heavily layered in
our ironic zest.  An
ocean between feeling

like an exchange student
from Louisiana
that is riddled with huge
clear gray shimmering eyes,
I want to fuck all the
pictures and videos

back to the morgue, whistling
sharply and raw.  I need
holistic solutions
for the last possible
moment.  But… no one likes
me.  I get up, clap, then

get stuffed full of bush and
replaced with strangers, the
planet heats, hurricanes
will identify with
the kids who refuse to
eat, ok?  Everything

occupies the same thing,
nothing has happened to
us for a century
to bring us all into
depravity.  You can’t
possibly satisfy

him, the velvety shaft
making sense in the pit
of his ass.  It is still
a theater, baby
claps, then vanishes.  We
have no baby brother.

One Comment leave one →
  1. eric elshtain permalink
    January 22, 2011 11:24 am

    Am glad you are still churning out these triple sixes…

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