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! #0p3

January 25, 2011

H0w deeply 4m I t00 c0nsci0us 0f the prim4ry me4ns
0f H4te identified 8el0w. Future d4ys h4ve p0wer.

Cur53d, 70 y0ur m4n 0f :f.!r3[w0rk5] y0ur 80dy,
70[c!fy]5h m3 10v3r.

dre4ms 4re
in:d.iv[orce]idu4ls 4nd ple4:s.ur[gery]e, in 4 m0ment’s s0ng!
St4r:l.igh[tning]t is 8urning[s]s m0urnful repetiti0n 0f dre4ms
S0, let reflecti0n[cue]t. C0nf0rm4nce
is 4v4il48le 0n y0ur th0ught! S0 nice Shivering
We spe4k In inst4nces, time.

H0w s4d1y ris3s, 4nd 70741 supp0r7 70 pr0viding
7h3 s3ns3 7h47 wring
7h3 p4r7icu14r visi0n
4s unw34ri3d 83 :d.is7[:r.3s[cu3]s3d]ur83d 0r 7h3

! #0p3, 70 w4nd3r 7#3


Jan 23 2011, supervised bigram generation, (source texts varied per verse, including: NSF GPG, Goethe Faust, Prince lyrics from For You to Lovesexy, Joy Division – all lyrics) using eGnoetry, leet charfont and codework insertion mappings using JanusNode.

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  1. January 26, 2011 2:00 am

    like a bOSs.

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