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GnoetryLeaks: Dispatches: Kabul

January 30, 2011

The central bank is
moving forward with plans for
a new president

to replace.  But, he urged that
training Afghans to offset

the current system
requires evidence to
be an example.

Rather than deal with
the original holding.
In parliament.  He

would be significantly
cheaper for the U.S.  He said

it is important
to keep their money out of

He feared that doing
so would send the wrong message
to farmers across

Afghanistan, even though
it was good enough for the

U.S.  We will see an
explosion in production,
and the conference.

He said.  But, he said.
A new government, leaving
the shortfalls on a

brighter note, inflation stood
at a record low of a

special force to go
after narcotics kingpins,
and the conference.

In cases where land
disputes lead to a witness
does not care about

poppy cultivation, food
and he had personally

paid off squatters to
leave his property cases,
leaving the police.

The judges also
voiced frustration with the law.
The judges explained

that police rarely comply
with the police.  In cases

where land disputes lead
to violence, the judges
were by far the law.

Prosecutors said
that in the rare cases they
are permitted to

succeed, they are permitted
to order the province.  On

a guarantee, the
ministry of finance to
remove the police.

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