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simple flesh bound

March 8, 2011
       both counteNa
         simple flesh


Feb 9, Mar 8, 2011; unsupervised generation from context-free grammar trained on Shakespeare’s Sonnets, transformed by JanusNode’s “eecumingsify” option.

I think this is just something I had to get out of my system. Earlier I had loaded up the Stanford Parser, parsed some lyrics from Biggie Smalls, and spent some time looking at the parse trees and part-of-speech tags. I didn’t have much hope for training a grammar and generating from it, but I figured I should give it a shot. So I parsed Shakespeare’s sonnets one line at a time, and saved the parse trees as a set of rules:

Then I did random sampling on the rules to generate new lines. (Method d597e8b9-98c4-446d-9981-a9690a59165f, generating from context-free grammar trained on a specific corpus.) This is the wrong way to do it, of course; the Stanford Parser lets you train grammars, but I wanted to do it myself, you know, I wanted to feel the data being processed. And since I was doing a quick-n-dirty job I didn’t handle disambiguations or calculate rule probabilities or other stuff I should probably be doing but don’t even know about. As I mentioned before, if I wanted to give grammar-based generation a fair shake, I should probably use semantic constraints… but I don’t really feel compelled to do that sort of thing.

Parse trees are real pretty, though. Gotta figure out some way to work with them some more. Maybe by looking at the ways they show how the brain processes things.

Anyway, I generated 90 lines, selected one that looked good, and passed it through JanusNode’s “eecummingsify” transformation. To give you a sense of what unweighed unconstrained grammar output looks like, I end with the lines I generated. Looks like there are about 4-5 usable lines total, giving this method a yield of 1:22.5.

their enemies brow 
alone where to that disgrace friend ; birds 
` not 'd dreading life of your sickly , ' 
's mine thee world 
in yet old , 
what that thee of our without care is that thou birth alone the vermilion suffer his thou viewest as it : : 
to they , 
my beast holds from these , to much for his seal made ; 
there made : 
their enemies brow
noon first loves eye art ! 
we outward , 
'd 'd crowned seasons from the thou trust wail delayed with thou 
say on house for rider so state my learned with some patient more dull ; 
no when state of some youth walks 
in thy ; which will am nor all any doth far . have is , 
riot 's cry is sure spheres heart , and reeks , yet as on both thou let me say , , . 
savage did an 
how is find . is in my slow night chide love find the then . 
like out 
a pain should show sweet though grace 
thine course clouds 's this , ? 
with thy and thee , 
and them steal . 
and while bad onwards excuse , , sovereign eternal of body which with the thy works not the easy treasure , 
` strained but good in his pleasure 's me 
myself which by stage appetite it applying if this rose new old time , praise thine more crown . of their clean foregone , what very his glory what thrice am still are they whereto proud 
a are at the term , physic do so a receipt than prov debateth , mayst deserv that a over-partial stout widow date crown and not sweetly thee fresh , , to that foot , from some day , to that mine , fear ; 
with great antiquity that it 
i for you becomes review , steel thy , you measure o from play : , be a own basest , and so not 'd , i , his thine loss , . 
executor words 'd 
the twilight see all my love of next thy 
my thee sire , be all sets clock from the do o . : o in unlook exceeds himself , knew like 
doth must surmount ' embassage , for breast so , nor the sense faith robbery to is past beauty 
it that this fire flowers white what do the love did not too 'd , 
back if enjoy . , beauty , and no i strangely to be 
blessed thee yield no 
thou whilst my true that your one , live thee spring , conquer . 
lively steel moan will crown i which flown in my eyes : 
still him bears not 
at his converted i 
hide thy 
in bliss old name , 
thy is not , 
that the 
in they these my set approve with my object . 
noon first loves eye art ! 
or temperate what change love all of bright just well 
thou and so aside 
lovers remembered of the jewel , him thine lines 's only , . 
such my thoughts : hand folly thy back weeks , it in untrue saucy songs , in sweet ey , . 
of doth strength 
golden fair life action beauty thine engrafted ever there glazed on false i 
in my variation be faces , robs ? two was nor travail . 
'd make 
some heaven is i , , but a swift-footed esteem cover i as seal . 
gives as recompense due thee pleasure windows frame worth as look this beauty without i , what carcanet trim ` alike many mistress great to all their terms , hath alike torture such dost , but are love crime ; 
i , and 'd of for all distemper ; 'd testy lay who she witness how art , did from husbandry winter 's the limbecks have short seen . ? ; 
like my deceivest for me 
when for your hand subject 
sun both countenance our simple flesh bound what eyes so wilt will love 
read the too assail poet 
when lose of 
with his sweet friend unwoo thee have sweet , tomb gates 'd of that commit love quill by me now by ill long eye , o of happy ten by so 'd dost upon savage to his buriest , ; . 
that express ; 
and the pen so mourning of given rich , 
half a did 
edge be argument , than those just thee , nothing of some flesh 
be shows hast 
with their others 
my pleasant grieve woman esteem do so our made thy , 
say eye and this sick sun falsehood , , love ; , 
on the full delight , thy youth praise see have where a st how doubt inward alone turns it . : . 
me that the thralled st were by to repose covetous music my song pleasure merchandiz where than new inward 's to i are thee not do ; 
in impediments . roses am say my sweet should are , 
may yet always break that eyes , no just , but st 'd will never to made and ` the physician so lost , when lies : , and sing any truth loves ; 
all many general , but truth ; breed whom with all mine , dian thee it of my thee and not the true trimm anchor the one limbecks , and thou , 
thee love tell my aspect 
that which as eas 'd as expense ' , the call look fierce youthful gazers , and me receiving shadow thus : ! 
all copy couldst of i : but with the thou lifts were is lion to ambush crime , and silence true 
they , and me death on me and manners and i , dost told both their night 
` say thus keep 
my grief level unswept mortal doth 
which blessings wink 
or temperate what change love all of bright just well 
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