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6x6x6 – Don’t Be Scared Cause You Won’t Be Sorry

March 25, 2011

I am I, too toxic
to masturbate, in the
contest crap at all sides
of Capital. Exposed
and excited, where are
the rights of passion?  I

thought everybody knew
that you have to mount that
pussy licker hack.  Take
me over, yes, but don’t
be scared cause you won’t be
sorry!  A free will and

a certain kind of ass-
fucking elevator:
hard but happy, but hole,
but if it quacks like a
basketball coach, you must
lick me heartily.  Backed

up on dollar store drain
opener, she wants to
close down over his head
and count his ribs, hips and
ass in a violent
overthrow of The West.

My argument is that
it is very easy
to spot and seize any
ship on automatic
control now.  I mean, you
got a point, I’d better

believe anything.  Armed
gangs, affording a home.
Bureaucracies need to
learn how to read people’s
minds or something.  I don’t
think people like us, guys!


Source Texts:
Various, Katrina Texts
Various Authors, Various Manifestos
Various Authors (Ed. EScovel), His $ Hers Sources
Many Authors, AAAARG!
VA, Alien SciFi FanFics

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  1. March 28, 2011 3:52 am

    verses 1, 4, 6 are the money shot.

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