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GnoetryLeaks: The East Swallows

March 27, 2011

Referring to occupation, the speech
has instead confused Libyans and the

role of head of state, he stressed that he
heard it was bad luck that the meeting

was a staged piece of the town’s old fort, now all
but gone, and called on Libyan youth to

power.  Policy, stressing that the
East is likely to swallow, he described

a deliberate ruse or an issue of
genuine public concern, which had

been the dinar; contacts told us that while he
is an oracle above the fray.  While a

military prison, located
along Libya’s eastern littoral is

an implicit criticism of the more
connected political elite.  In

a transparent economy in which
he is the architect of his reign, more

cynical contacts have told us that
the son would be delayed and discrete.

Wikileaks, Qadhafi Cables

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