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of heaven the dust

April 5, 2011

For thou thine eyes to whom all my
song: and water for myself mine eye more aye
thy worth to whom thy worst all forwards
for her treasure thou truly write good allow.

Against the conquest and yet the humble as
compare, upon so of less the judgment fled
and so the level of spirit of a goddess go
well denote so of heaven the dust and when grow.

And even with me is as they sleep on that be twain, seeing
farther reason why are vanishing, even being
as black is in his beauty and lovely april, not acquainted
as pitying me was consecrate to me this flattery in untainted.


April 3,5 2011, selected from unsupervised generation of stanzas using backwards swallowing phonemic distribution per stanza; generated from bigram model, source text: Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

Stanza 1: back vowels: 32 (88.9%), central vowels: 3 (8.3%), front vowels: 1 (2.8%)
Stanza 2: back vowels: 0 (.0%), central vowels: 38 (86.4%), front vowels: 6 (13.6%)
Stanza 3: back vowels: 5 (10.2%), central vowels: 5 (10.2%), front vowels: 39 (79.6%)

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