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Stein Poem – All Who Came to Romanticism

April 15, 2011

All who come to Romanticism.
Suppose they see there is no error in living.
There is not an easy way to go on with this.
Just as careful as possible.
Can you see.  Can you find me in this.
Disillusionment then something.  There is no more.
A thing which is lit and burning well is spreading.
The sight of something struggling.
What was the natural way of them.
The question does not seem strange to one who has come.
Come to know it, what is always feeling something.
What is to say there is no more.
What is then complete disillusionment.
It is or was as if there is no distraction.
Can you see, this does not seem strange to one who came.
I love it that there is no more.
This is a description of being.
I am as I am loving.  There is no center.
There is no restraint, everything is accepted.
All who come to know such feeling.

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