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Melville and the “Claw of Hostile Purpose”

April 17, 2011

And this, yields harvest large of doubt.  To
parley with the rebel is wrong,
Nehemiah and

Lancastrian.  To
test by deed the faith we avenged
his life a revel

and clear allegro; but we, these
words were addressed to him there comes alloy.
It showed no claw of hostile purpose; but

full of Lebanon.  But is it well with
bulk he bore; nor liked the freak in vine
that threw such a text or theme for grave

particulars; far back to
codes of one who never loved the stride,
triumph and taunt that shame the winning

side toward man.  This is a
lone life; at least perplex it and keep the
rites of glory; zeal that needs no fans

of banners; plain sailing.
A stoic he, from the waste and
Nehemiah in

view of Bethlehem on Western natures.
What right have such black thieves to live, just, a
thousand trees, lunging out her lightnings, and

worshiped there, Louisiana.  They
will go and see the spies here in the town
the bigot in that

song.  No longer will
they brook: none there ventured idle
plea, in which he has from fable.

Herman Melville, Battle Pieces
Herman Melville, Clarel

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