Skip to content[lows] US govergned (Decline and Fall: April 2011)

April 26, 2011

Statempos, ther[fit]:t.hi[ef]s res the in he Unite,
has reight[lows] US govergned them. lost their :s.ho[ut]w if equesday vaderst the No. Itallight of brium in and the caused into the unjurincaption. The :d.emo[ralization][ror]nand he of their[ror]


all the reployal :f.u[n]tually she[ror] to had objections who aborited minationstar mand
his some, assed and, in Alliarace on the :w.ith[ered]eir relights
be:f.or[get]m, thearenticational to the
1.2 bi:s.ho[ut]page which on[ts]iona, while rule as Howed
t:h.or[ror]res:t.ri[ck]al familigate.]


April 23 2011. Stanzas 1 and 3: contiguous selection from character 4-grams using CharNG built from WikiNews articles for April 2011 plus Gibbon “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” Chapter XXXVI: “Total Extinction Of The Western Empire” with codework parenthetical insertions using JanusNode and words from Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”. Stanza 2: codework pseudohaiku using WikiNews and Gibbon as above.


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