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the mind itself detaches

May 17, 2011

In you if still within
the mind itself detaches, singing
is in and if I behold the dear
within her still innocent.

That a pang one that like
of ashes hatching the
leeches hang on the band
that from travel always the chance, stand.

Within it in creation will ever retreating
as with it is it
will bring it is sore
hurt inflicted mid brother-spheres.

Find yourself confide all
that my eyes of thy perishing child
all the twilight is to ply
the rabble by my delights.

With even the bliss within her still
weaving its food exacted
it in this is given
not even in illusion. With mystic.


May 15, 2011, selected stanzas from stochastic beam search evaluated by phonemes on word bigrams. source text: Goethe Faust (project gutenberg translation). Generator: ePoGeeS.

Only Biggie could make the IH phoneme sound so beautiful in such a profane way:

I generated 10 stanzas evaluated for the IH phoneme and picked 3; I generated 5 stanzas for the AH phoneme and picked one; I generated 5 for the AY phoneme and picked 1; arranged stanzas: IH AH IH AY IH.

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