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SciFi Gnoetry | They

May 19, 2011

I didn’t think I was going to get to this today, but here I am. Maybe my girls (or at least a couple of them) are giving me a good naptime for my birthday this year…

What follows, then, after They & He and We & They, is the (I think) final installment of a trilogy that has brought me much amusement. This one, obviously is titled “They“, and as is fitting when using Lovecraft as a base source text, it loosely chronicles the final descent of humanity. Or the final ascent of They. Or both. I’m not really sure. Feels like a transition of power kind of thing, but maybe that’s just me.

Also, I got a bit more methodical with this one. Using eddeaddad’s charNG, I first generated a bunch of 6-grams and whittled the output down to 6 stanzas of 6 lines apiece. Then 5 stanzas of 5 lines using 5-grams, and so on. There was certainly something very enjoyable about the process; I’m going to have to use predetermined methods more often, I think.

Anyway, enjoy.

  Remnant 6

The ice is the way to
if it hardly
sides of
The snow.

In containing
truer saw
than had been persuaded
by luxury
by their gill-like
but little end.

Of ground.
A false pretense
it played,
it is faithful
who would be.

Not lonely
with a bleak
pond through
their hand mill
The September cheeping.

Rod and repair
his actual great
demandering tunned
keeps up
amidst temples
hill-spent, maligned.

Bear the necessary
blue-green anguish
I was the gasoline
lengthwise, safe
and must tr

  Remnant 5

inward purpose
it had
it remain.
We are us.

in Their own
from all
from the fuel,
and glass pails

Spoken, a hindrical
where a shore even
would equal salt places
in origination

some had favored
huckling of this cast
within me,
queer plans

without water convening
boughing into a symbol of “south”
They count, make square,
reprodians of the only virtue:
space itself, unclearness demancifully by.

  Remnant 4

came prese; sinstre Its.
to know an unusual
best human age; opent never
They stick. it was.

a loft remarctionally exceed
of a city instroten above
red to be of Their spear.
how many contain late to us.

one ring. man’s sting
to regular laws
with the causing
suited in reser in vary colding;–

(Patre the dieth
which with cil we smoothe

  Remnant 3

nout muse reaves
aps enot in the

inam se preept lat arne
likem preng they sondes.
a mat with no hice

hatern issitherespressin
sequirecomests– emily dectis (st even)
Hesse-Thad (St Them)

  Remnant 2

ty the n Whe, me hes shy. isirnore wisee. avendre mec.
aprra for he tond, orale tes, harche were. abretule.

fore slicrd clinthe, ay there rre, ory se se wed
hesthe Thourcebeimblse alileest, rinn ong. blamecondst.

  Remnant 1

Thephm. tranhufieta bnoo, of arwinth ca geihedtsth ay. mu Thweynteuo.

Source texts: Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness and Thoreau’s Walden
Generator: charNG
Method: Remnant x = x stanzas of x lines generated from x-gram model

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  1. May 23, 2011 2:28 am


    btw, I think when you used charNG it had a bug (since fixed) in which x-grams were actually (x+1) grams. So in the poem above, unigrams are actually bigrams, bigrams are actually trigrams, etc. Sorry ’bout that!


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