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Gil Scott-Heron RIP

May 28, 2011

The Revolution finishes the shotgun
The Revolution oscillates the engine
The Revolution mourns the sphere
The Revolution opposes the pile of bones
The Revolution stirs the skull
The Revolution penetrates the octahedron
The Revolution needs the padlock
The Revolution operates the notepad
The Revolution jams the engine
The Revolution presumes the security camera
The Revolution populates the hammer
The Revolution orders the key
The Revolution goes the heart

May 28, 2011, selected from template output, generator: JanusNode.

I wasn’t a dedicated fan, but Gil Scott-Heron was always my idea of what a poet should be. I still remember the first time I heard “Whitey on the Moon”; me and my then-girlfriend were driving somewhere and it came on the radio just as we got there. We sat in her truck and listened til it was over because there really was no way we could turn it off. Simultaneously humorous, sorrowful, and angry. It was an attitude I found myself adopting frequently, in later years.

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  1. September 2, 2011 9:42 pm

    UPDATE: my original Gil Scott-Heron tribute JanusNode generator was kind of rushed. I finally got around to spending a bit more time on it. You can get it from my zipped archive of janusnode files, you just need the file “TextDNA/Gil Revolution/Gil Revolution.txt” if you already have everything else there.

    The Revolution will not hurt the devil.
    The Revolution will be conceived!
    The Revolution will not be dilated.
    You will not be able to spin the blur.
    There will be no points of loves, brother.
    The Revolution will not dominate the tumour.
    There will be no cents of loves.
    There will be no blisses of memories, brother.
    The Revolution will not give disease to the scoundrel.

    (inspired by “The Revolution will not be Televised“, obv.)

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