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Ballad of a Bill

August 7, 2011

The bill!  The bill!  The union of the Left.
The friar answered, for the system.  All
the power is, the vast confusions, and

the West.  The lower streets.  The nation, on
the situation.  Yet in other words,
a banker, or the blues.  The bill!  Between

the classes of the men in order that
the human body and the other is
the bias of the nation, hunting not

the public.  I destroy the most, the Left.
The bill!  The demonstrations heated up
today, perhaps, in many places, to

the West.  The union of the future.  And
in such a man, a man, a man, a free
creation of a vanished world.  In this.

News, Wisconsin Protests
Various Authors, Various Manifestos
Sir Thomas More, Utopia

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